Friday, May 27, 2011

It may not be our house YET but it definitely isn't......

YOUR TRASH RECEPTACLE! OK, i know the worker bees are busy building our future happiness but how hard is it to put their garbage in the trash? There is only a HUGE dumpster out front.

First it was this....

A coffee cup that has been on the floor (ground) for about two weeks now!

Then there was this...

That was there for about a week now. If that wasn't enough TRASH, this was there today

Seriously?? Maybe I'm being a bit anal but i just want them to put their GARBAGE in the trash.
OK...on to other things....

My PM did confirm that the windows will have screens but thanks to you all, I already got the 411 on that.

Here is a pic of my and my flats balancing the gravel. lol

One leg!


  1. LOL love the last pics!!

    Our home has had a few empty bottles (2) but they were gone pretty quickly. I'm sorry hon. The good news is they have to clean up before they do too much to the house. *hugs*

  2. Yikes, trash being left there for a week that is bad. There is a sign on our garage door well mudroom door on way in thru the garage that says "Absolutely no food or drinks of any kind inside the house" so there is no trash inside the house gonna love that but I have seen a soda can outside on our lawn. However they do have a big giant dumpster on the side of my lawn so makes it easier for them to take the trash out.

    Love the pic of you balancing on the driveway! Is it balanced enough? Lol

  3. Cute shoes!! We have the "no food" sign too, and the most I've seen in there is drink containers. Hopefully they will clean up their act before the floors are installed!

  4. looking good, looking good! Sorry about the trash! That sucks, I'm a little anal about those things too.

    Quick question did you have your own inspector inspect the house before the drywall went up & if so was it helpful? Did they find anything?

    Thanks in advance and cute shoes! It is definitely a balancing act when going to the site! I have been out in pumps and dress clothes so I know the feeling!

  5. Hey Chell...yes and all was well. We have no sign that says ABSOLUTELY NO EATING OR DRINKING like others. I am tempted to print one myself. hehe

    Im always saying my house house that.... well i took my mom to see the progress and didn't want her to have to balance on the gravel SO, we left out thr front door and she fell off the bottom step. She said, "Who do I sue," I said, "Oh NOT ME becuase it actually isn't my houes yet." lolololol

  6. Thanks La! Okay that's definitely good to hear!

    lol, @ your comment to your mom, but not at her falling! lol...tell her to call Ryan! Ha!