Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Its a "Rough" Week

My PM said this week they will be doing the rough trades; heating/AC/plumbing. We meet with Guardian next Tuesday for our pre-drywall thingy.

There's really nothing extra to see this week so I will try to NOT drive by until next Tuesday. Now the real deal is can I live life without driving by? The concept of that seems rather odd for I have been driving by for nearly a month now. What would life be like without driving by? I'm pondering the thought.... Well, maybe I can go out to lunch instead of eating in my car on the way to my home site. Perhaps I can save on gas since I would be going straight home without the daily detour to my home site... is that incentive enough?

Tee thinks I am irritating my neighbors with these frequent drive-bys. Huh? Well if they have a problem with seeing my car wiz by their already COMPLETED house on my way to see our house get completed, it’s gonna be a very contentious relationship with the neighbors.

I suspect they giggle when and if they even pay attention to my car because they probably were doing the SAME thing! Humph!

Ok B- right back....I'm going to drive by to see if the shingles and garage door are on.


  1. LOL Girl, you trip me out!!!

    Glad to hear things are moving along! GL with the drive by! Let us know! lol

  2. I drive by everyday and I am sure the neighbors know my car. I rather see my house than worry about ohh its that person again with the same car haha. Seeing the house makes me happy and somehow renews my energy so I happen to love drive bys! :)

  3. If your neighbors laugh at you, imagine mine! I drive by daily and theres nothing there.. I Love your blogs too! I don't think you can resist the urge o drive by....I know I can't even when I promise myself not to! I guess those are going to be my plans for next week, the rough ins! I'm one week behind you...woo hooo!

  4. Girl, drive by as much as you like and don't worry about the neighbors just yet. I'm sure that when their homes were being bulit they drove by just as much if not more....besides it's your gas LOL!!!