Wednesday, May 25, 2011

We've Got Walls...

We may have walls by Heather & Mike have KEYS!!! so this one's for them Heather & Mike: Building Our Dream Life:

Now back to MOI! :-)
The drywall was up today as promised. At 5:30 this evening, they were still working faithfully. I like that.
Soon yes VERY soon this will be our bedroom!

And I will be cooking all my good recipes in here:

These makeshift banisters need to go!

But I can't wait for Tee to be in here watching Law and Order SVU while I'm in the kitchen watching the Young & The Restless on the kitchen TV.

Yesssss I watch the stories. I was raised on the Young & Restless and am tickled pink that it comes on again at 7pm.

Tomorrow they will add the joint compound to make it a seamless wall and they will paint next Thursday. So, that leaves THIS Friday, Saturday--ok I'll give Sunday and Monday to the Holiday but then Monday, and Tuesday, AND Wednesday....whats going on then? I'm just saying, no need to have idle time... Mama told me that idle time was the devil's workshop and I don't want that little bugar anywhere near my place!

Note to self --inquire about timeline.


  1. Wow...I am feeling old now...I remember when that song came out and I was playing it on my 8-track tape player...those were the days.

  2. Lol..BD I remember the 45s with the yellow disc in the middle...I kept loosing them and couldn't play my records!

  3. Wow when they start going they really go up fast! It's coming along great.

    Know the song well cause every Sunday when I was young the grandparents would blast Sunday night oldies on WDAS, (Philly station) but I have no knowledge of what a 8 track or 45 is...LOL

  4. Yayyy! Sooo exciting! I can't wait to see rooms, when is your closing? Mine got pushed back to mid July :(

  5. Looks great, so exciting! I'm so excited about our kitchen too...although sans the Young and the Restless. :) I was addicted to Days of Our Lives back in college. I bet I could turn it back on now and they still would be playing out the same scenarios...everything was so slow to develop!