Thursday, May 26, 2011


First it was all I could do to DRIVE BY---morning, mid-morning, noon, afternoon, evening, <--my second addiction next to blogger. Anywho, it was so exciting to see any little change to the house. Then the outside was as complete as it was going to get and nothing different to see. So the drive-by was a mood point. Now Go-INS are the new Drive-Bys. I have learned to navigate the rocky gravel , which is complicated in my heels but the key is to move quickly. I was a little hesitant about my go-ins seeing as though the worker-bees were busy making honey but that hesitation was short lived and I Go-IN whenever and with whoever is in there. On today's Go-In I took a few more pics! What would you like??? That's what I'll be saying to people right here at the bar! Then after a while i will probably saying....What did you bring???

This is the media room and I am looking forward to listening to movies in surround sound. Its going to be lots of fun making memories!

LASTLY Guardian What??? HA Mr. So and So from corporate gave a long song and dance to a BLAH BLAH BLAH, talking about they have no such incentives and asked me who told me such...and you know what I said, "SEVERAL OF MY NEIGHBORS have met with Guardian representatives and have been offered a new customer incentive of some sort and I feel slighted that MY NEIGHBORS received and offer and not I"

3 month monitoring credit.Thanks NEIGHBORS!


  1. Honey, let me tell you how to get around the heels thing. Have tennis shoes always in the car. That's how I dealt with the gravel. :-)

  2. Lol at LaLady you had me so confused for a sec. I was like go ins, what are go

    The house is looking great!

    Def agree you should always have flats or sneakers in the car, never know when you'll need them.

  3. I was like, "what are go ins?" too! LOL Then I laughed when I read it!!!

    It's looking good! And good for you getting that credit babe!! WOOT WOOT!!

  4. oh I knew exactly what you meant by go ins...LOL....and I can picture you navigating across the gravel...along with cartoon sound effects...skidding to a stop when you reach safety!!!

  5. Yes yes yes BD my arms are side to side for balance and im movibg as if Im on a mine field and safety is the garage.

  6. I'm glad Guardian offered you the deal! I love my eNeighbors! lol