Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Ok.I'm addicted to the drive-bys. It doesn't help that i work 10 minutes away either. I never thought me and the term drive-by would go hand in hand but at this point, if you look in the dictionary a picture of me in my car would be next to the term! Sad isn't it?? Oh well!

I will admit yesterday's drive-by(s) were a little disapointing. I wanted to have a little chit-chat with the two lonely soles out there with one nail gun and ask them where the rest of the crew was... i kinda felt like putting a little muscle behind my drive by...but I didn't. Today, I said, if I saw the same thing, I was gonna bring sandwiches and water tomorrow. You catch more bees with honey than vinegar is what my mom says!

Well, no need. They were on the ball today! The two, turned into about six, and they were "getting it in!" Needless to say this will not help with my drive-by addiction.

Wow all in a half day's work:

The arrows are for my folks who are unfamiliar with the Victoria Falls and have absolutely no idea what they are looking at!

In honor that hard worker to the left I'm posting today's theme song!


  1. I love the "hard worker" label and the song! LOL

    Looking good!!!

  2. I love your posts...they crack me up. Don't blink...before you know it the framing will be done, the roof will be on, and windows and doors will be in place.

  3. Girl I am in the same boat as you! I do drive bys every single day..... I bet the neighbors think I am a stalker always driving by slow and just picturing me just walking by the neighborhood for a stroll. Who knew drive bys can be exciting. Your house will go up so fast. :)

  4. Thanks all! I'm glad to know I am not the only one doing drive-bys!
    @BD Laughter is my sanity!