Furniture Options

My favorite furniture store for unique items!

Love this furniture store ..

Right now we haveno idea about anything else!  Perhaps if I take a brake from, I could find some.

Welp our previous furniture selctions have been nixed and our new bedroom set is made of mahagony and I just love it! The night stands serve as charging tables with outlets installed in them.  Love it!

 Our bar stools for the basement:


  1. The bed and chase are very nice! I am about to begin my furniture and decor journey. I am going to buy a notebook and try to get organized! Happy decorating!

  2. Thaks CHelly...however i've changed my mind.. LOL! I have a notebook as well and it really does help.

  3. lol, as I scrolled down all of the beautiful furniture I loved disappeared lol.... this is nice too...yes I have a notebook, but now I just need to put something in it! lol GL furnishing the new pad, I know its gonna be nice!

  4. The furniture is beautiful!!! =D

    I don't get new furniture. Just 6-7 new bar stools. lol I do get to get new den furniture in another 2 or so years (God willing). My 2 year old's sippy cups are as spill proof as the y claim. She's already ruined these. We're going to wait until she's at least 4, maybe 5 to get new den furniture. When she won't be banging her toys on the table causing more dents and knicks, and when we know she can take care of the furniture better. No since in ruining perfectly good new furniture now. You know?

    I'm envious! lol