Monday, July 18, 2011

Today is NOT the day.

This has truly been a beautiful experience. It was so rich and valuable.  I couldn't recommend a better experience for a couple, family, or even an individual.  This process has brought my partner and I so much closer which I didn't think was possible. Thinking back over these past 5 months, there are a few things that I have gained.

1. An appreciation of family. I moved back home during the building process.  It was rough at first, but once I got the pillow top for the wiry pull out bed, things jelled soon thereafter. It's not often when you get to move back home on a good note. Usually it's either to take care of sick parents, or other reasons that may bring you back to the nest.  I was able to come back TEMPORARILY and be more of an asset to my parents. It felt good to have flash backs of the "good old days" in the house they bought to make memories for me.

2. Patience. I got this by force.  No matter how much I stayed on top of the process,  timelines, etc., things are bound to happen that are out of my control. Just like how our settlement date has been pushed to the end of this week to Friday instead of TODAY.  You would think my potty mouth chart would be toppled over with paper toilets but all I can say is that, "It is well!". It is this reaction that demonstrates the level of patience I have gained. 

3. Flexibility and compromise. We wanted it ALL, shoot I STILL want it all. But it's a must to prioritize and to be flexible.  It's a give and take.  Having other small projects around the house will give me something to look forward to. So, it's ok that I didn't have EVERY bell and whistle, I got enough!  I'm still blowing baby!

4. Faith. We each have our own faith, beliefs etc. For me, this experience drew more of my attention to God's wonder, dominion, and power....down to the little things. I am so grateful to have been paying attention.

FINAL WALK-THRU was last Thursday.  It wasn't to bad. Our Jacuzzi was not working, the bar seemed to be off with its symmetry in some places and there was a crack in one of the kitchen cabinets. Those were the major things.  Everything else was minor but we were sure to point out EVERY TEENY TINY MINOR THING we saw: Paint touch ups, caulking cracks, grouting cracks, window smudges-- I was on it like the Brown Hornet.

Sooo- as I re-set my countdown clock to Friday, I will enjoy this last 3 days with my parents, no bills, and free food! IT IS WELL!


  1. that is tease you like that with the walk thru and in your minds just having to wait thru one more weekend and then just like that the carpet gets pulled out from underneath that just isn't fair and geez...what could the holdup be...they have already had a bunch of extra time to get all the paperwork in place.

    Your point about moving back with your parents on a good note is so so true...that does not happen very often. Glad it worked out for you and I am sure your parents loved having you and will be sorry to see you go.

  2. So now we BOTH close on Friday! I'll be thinking of you as I am signing paperwork. lol

    I gotta say, you warned everyone about your patience level at the beginning of all this. And honestly, I'd say you've come a looong way baby!

    I agree with everything you said in this post. (I may have to make a post similar to this for one of my last posts of my It's amazing how much we learn and grow through this process. And yes, for me too, it was amazing to see God work through all this too!

    Congrats honey! And yes...enjoy the free food and board while it lasts. lol

  3. Hey BD! We are one of those cases where again NVR drops the ball. Maybe they do not have enough man power but they tend to wait until the last minute and it is a little on the frustrating side.

    My parents have enjoyed us so. I have cooked and cleaned for them and it was great to turn the tables and pamper them for a change. I think they will go through withdrawls when we go. I'll miss them.....for about...30 seconds. hehehe :-)

  4. Noey-- Friday couldn't be a better know one of my "bestest" e-neighbors is doing the same thing I am doing...feeling the same excitement I am feeling is pretty cool!

    Here's to an anxious week, a sleepless Thursday night and a busy busy weekend!


  5. Awww this is a sweet post! I cant wait to see the final pics of your new pad! Good things come to those who wait! However if you add anymore days to that counter lol....i might just days isn't that bad.

  6. I agree with Chelly...very sweet post indeed. Sounds like you've got all of your priorities right, and you will just appreciate your house even more when Friday comes! :)