Thursday, July 7, 2011

We've got power...PLUS GRASS!

The grass is plush like carpet. I wanted to lie down in it!

The sun was shining so brightly in the house, and it was really pretty.

Our appliances were SUPPOSED to be delivered tomorrow but the microwave is unavailable.  I think our PM knew i would lose control upon hearing the word DELAY and he immediately told us we would be getting an upgraded model to arrive Monday. OK, I'll take an upgrade all day-- any day!


  1. Your house is beautiful!!! Inside and out!

    And hurray for free upgrades!

  2. you really pissed me off...every last word of your comment was on the tip of my I got nothing to add...DITTO what she said!!!

    I lied...I do have something to add....I am so got SOD and we will get dirt and straw :(

  3. Thanks week is our week :-)

    Hey BD sod? Well lets hope I can keep that sod from looking like straw by the end of the summer.

  4. Aww shux now were cooking with Crisco! Your house is nice! I third every complement that was made. What a nice treat to get an upgraded microwave. Gosh next week is so close I can only imagine how you feel. Congrats!

  5. LOVE...LOVE...LOVE the house it is so beautiful!