Sunday, May 8, 2011

We Are Under Roof!

I exercised patience yesterday and did NOT drive by....ok ok ok i admit, i didn't have a choice because I was out all day and didn't get a chance to..well whatever the reason..i didn't. So if you thought for UN MOMENTO that I could make it through TWO have gotsta be kidding! It was such a welcome surprise to not only see this:

But also see a crew of faithful worker-bees working today on the Sabbath. It is the Sabbath but I did NOT contest to them working through it. "forgive me Father but you know how I am"

Seeing my progress made me think of a blogging friend who has not been able to experience the joy of this process as she has been at a stand still for the past three weeks. I feel your pain Ma! At the alter i prayed that a double team of super skilled, and committed worker-bees are sent to your sitting foundation and that they shower their attention upon your concrete so you can feel the excitement I feel!!

Now, if what I've gathering from everyone else's blog who is ahead of me in this process is accurate, our PM should be calling us to schedule our pre-contruction meeting manana.

One other thing, for any other Victoria Falls builders-- have you noticed from your models in your area how the MBR closet without the window is really dark in the rear. I should have asked for a recessed light in there but wasn't thinking. Since that will be my closet because it has the most usable hanging space, i am thinking about that NOW!

If you are still in your option phase I suggest adding a recess light in the rear and since we didn't, i am going to see if we can get our PM to agree to add a light there.....any kind but i need to see what I am looking at!!!!!!

Oh, happy mother's day all!!!


  1. I love reading your post! Lol, so funny :) thanks for thinking of me! I am just like you...that's what makes me laugh. I can't resist the constant drive bys! I am hoping today's drive by shows them starting the framing! I am so exciting that you hv your roof on! Yayyyyy! Maybe at the end of this week, I will be right behind you :) Then I will always know what's next!

  2. I Love...Love...Love your posts. Ask for that light in the closet as soon as possible. They should be able to add it in for you...might cost an extra buck or 2, but would be worth it!!!

  3. I am definitely going to ask for the light in the closet TODAY! I'm glad you guys get a kick out my posts! Keep your fingers crossed for me on the light addition.

  4. Hey babe. That's my closet too and feel the light fixture gets the light back there. Wait, do you have the 5' or 6' tub? we have the 6' so they took some of that closet out. This may be why the lighting is fine for me.