Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Guardian Angel....o-O #NOT

Soon yet very soon, Tee will be chillaxin watching TV in here while I am throwing DOWN in the double oven! Yep-yep!

Today we met with Guardian to discuss where everything was supposed to be....TOTALLY CONFUSING!
If any of you have a reverse floor plan from your model, I would suggest that you take a picture of each room so that when you meet with Guardian, you can refer back to the picture to determine what should go on which wall. I knew things were on opposite sides but I wasn’t prepared for it being a reverse in every since of the word. Is that would they call a mirror image? It was VERY confusing and slightly overwhelming seeing as though our Guardian Rep was trying to rush us . He barely wanted to give us time to get our bearings together before he would start to push where he would put it. I had to pump his brakes. “ Sir, I don’t care where you would put it because YOU won’t be living here.” Then, he wouldn’t even take the time to look into the Guardian Free service incentive.
The nerve of him!

Well, our PM made up for our Guardian Rep. He is so accommodating and patient. He is thorough and listens to all my questions without raising an eyebrow. He said our drywall work will be complete next Thursday. June 6th our trim package including the cabinets will be delivered. Things are really really on the move now.

It was cool to see our options taped to the morning room window. I instantly thought...Oh so I can just walk into the other homes and check this sheet out to see their options..LOL and just my luck, my nosey behind would run right into the owners....NOT!

Now onto the last thing….I, like my other blogging friend, am a tad bit concerned about who shares my same great taste. Let's hope NO ONE ELSE! I hope people think my taste is gaudy and undesirable and lean to one of the other 6 models available. HA- FAT CHANCE RIGHT? I just hope there is an even variety and not all MY model. I will be sure to keep you posted on this because they are really putting them up.


  1. *red faced*

    Pics look great! I'm sorry your guardian rep was douchey. =/ Glad to hear your Ryan rep is wonderful! =)

    Oh wow...before you know it, closing day will be here! Can you lock in your rate now?

  2. yep. we were trying to see if it would dip down to 4.35 but we are going to lock this week before it goes back to 4.75. I like playing with fire huh?

  3. NO JOKE!!! I can't lock in until after June 5th. It worries me. Good for you!!

  4. Hello! Thanks for the heads up on the reverse floorplan situation and sorry the Guardian rep was so terrible! Your home is coming together nicely! We are building a venice and its reversed. We are new to the Ryan Homes blog scene...come follow us! We love your posts! You are something else (Kevin Hart voice)!

  5. Haha! I have gaudy and crazy taste and posted that on Noeys post and GUESS what! Yup! No one on the street has my elevation! On my street there are 5 Victoria Falls and 2 are elevation B, 1 elevation D, and my elevation D! I am so happy! They all look so differen you would never know they were the same model! We are on the same exact time frame as you!! I just found the option list taped in my great room too! We were checking it out to read the PM' s notes! Lol ...wonder if neighbors will look at it...Hmmmmm!

  6. @Ma you know they are! Mine aren't because they never come around! Watch when I go to peek is when they start becoming normal drive-by-ers like all of us!

  7. We also had a reverse floor plan but I had been preparing myself for this and walked through it before the preconstruction meeting with a video I had taken of the model.

    I guess I am lucky because I am the ONE AND ONLY Rome on my street. It could also have something to do with the fact that it was only three lots available and 1) is the model a Pisa 2) is also a Pisa and then ME a Rome!!!

  8. Our model is a reverse plan too so at times I have to catch myself several times ok the living room is not in this area but on the other side. There are at times when I do forget!

    I think you only meet with the Guardian one other time after that then no more dealing with Guardians ever again! Your house is coming along nicely. Blogging is so much fun when we all share eachothers stories and pictures. It so much fun to rant. I love your stories. :)

  9. The first two Avalon models we went to were the reverse of what was on the website and what they give you as a handout...we were constantly backwards on things...Thankfully when we picked out lot and decided on where and how the house would sit it ended up matching with the paper floorplans...but then again, who says what is reversed?