Sunday, May 1, 2011


I'm a little late joining this Ryan Homes blogging community but am super glad I found it. Now that we are in the building phase we sure tested the patience of our Sales Rep with our never-ending change orders. We knew we had a small window of time (which I personally think is to short--14days) but our Sales rep gave us all the time we needed. Thank goodness!!!

We chose Elevation B with the Stone front but opted not to get the porch. I think we would add that now if we could :-(. We love the Colonial Look of the Victoria Falls.

I love our color selections and can't wait to see them all laid out together. We chose the larger wood planks instead of the smaller ones.

We decided to go with the double oven and cook top because we entertain a lot and I wanted to have my dream kitchen. I can't wait to get that Mac n Cheese cooking in one oven and that sweet potato pie baking in the other!!! We are in the market for our Washer & Dryer what are the pro's and con's on the Steam washer/dryer?
While the dream kitchen is for me...the basement and Media Room is Tee's paradise! Here is a pic of the bar we are replicating from a model in our area.

What we were so disappointed about was how the model showed the media room to have an elevated portion. This was what we really liked about the media room. We didn't find out until much later that this was not an option or a standard just the decorator’s creativity. I suggest they tag everything in the model that’s not a standard or an option. That disappointment only lasted for about 7.5 minutes.

Needless to say I read that option list front, back, left to right, upside down and right side up. I think I may have known more about what options were available then both my sales rep’s. I could even figure out how much each option would add to the monthly payment and how much it would increase settlement costs. I never knew how much I enjoyed math until this process!


  1. Congrats and welcome!

    What lovely choices!!

    What color are your cabinets?

    What room will the blue/gray flooring to be in?

    I'm excited for you! This is a great process!!

  2. We felt the same way about the porch and the options. That elevated option is really cool. It's like stadium seating.

  3. @Noey814 I can't even remember the cabinet color just that the floor is gunstock. They gray vinyl is going in the bar area and the gray carpet in the basement. We wanted to do a laminate floor but Ryan's flooring people CTI wouldn't allow. We have a cat so we couldn't do a berber carpet :-/. That darn feline! She would have a feild day with that looped carpet!

    @2011 we were definitely bummed out that that elevation wasn't an option. We took the measurements to give it to the contractors to replicate.

    Im looking for a good paver in the area for a good quality patio on a discount. Id rather a patio then a deck.

  4. We are doing a patio as well. I know every single option and pricing as well! My rep was ready to kill me for all the changes I kept making and adding. If I could right now, I would still make a few changes. LOL ..Luckily I can't...I love all your choices and cant wait to see the finished product!

  5. Thats my Bar!! Lol, We got that Bar & Love it!!

  6. @ Mike and Heather...bottoms up!