Thursday, May 12, 2011

What Kind of Neighbors Are They?

Today's drive-by revealed a busy street. Four homes are being worked on. But for whom? How come I never see them? I see everything happening on our street. I'm only ALWAYS driving by. Something must be wrong with them or something. I'm really concerned. Note to self... Check in with Sales Rep to get the skinny on our neighbors. We may have to invest in a fence sooner than we think. Modern Day Hatfield's and the McCoy's going on. LOl. No, I'm sure our neighbors will be great. But seriously---no drive by's??? What kind of people are they? They just can't be normal. I'll keep you guys posted because now I want to add neighbor scouting to my list of reasons to drive by! I may need to step up a few more run throughs. "APB: Tall Woods Way Neighbors...where you at??" Ok back to the matter at hand.

All the plumbing was completed and inspected today. They wiring begins Monday with insulation complete by next week’s end which just happens to be my birthday.

Things are progressing quickly just like you guys said it would. Woohoo! So for my birthday I get a big delivery of drywall and that's the best birthday gift ever.

Tomorrow the door will be put on and the free windows cut and placed in the side bedrooms compliments of the County's code. So you know I'll be driving by to check that out...and check for those neighbors.



  1. haha, that made me laugh... I hope you meet your mystery neighbors soon! Enjoy your Birthday week! I am a firm believer that a week is an appropriate time frame for celebrating. :)

  2. LOL Girl, you crack me up!! I love it!

    What an awesome b-day present! It's looking good!

  3. We've been wondering the same thing. We usually do our drive by's in the evening so we can snoop around and there's no one else there. Maybe we're the only addicts.