Thursday, June 2, 2011

We've got trim and one filthy tub

Having a dirty tub is like an oxymoron. i don't quite get why they didn't keep a cover over it. I know they are going to have it shining like the top of the Crysler Building (they better) but this visual is not a good one. I hope the jets don't get clogged with debris..

On to others things....It was like Christmas in June.  Santa dropped off the trim package in the garage.
We've got trim!

As you can see its all in the garage...UNLOCKED.
But I'm not complaining because I don't have a key.

They painted today and I was wondering how they could paint it all in one day but if I had a spray gun, i could paint it in a day too!
Here is the LR all painted--love the sunlight

I'm exhausted so I'll chat tomorrow and post the rest of my pics!


  1. Love the tub!! I hope it doesnt get clogged either because those jets are something else to clean. But luckly its so high powered it should push everything out.

    I think I may have to track down a spray gun to paint with. Im NOT looking forward to painting at all...but I do hate the chauly white walls they give us :/

    Cant wait to see some outdoor pics of your trim!!!!

  2. Weird but the trim package contains all indor stuff...doors..counters ..sinks...molding...casings banisters...fixtures.. all inside stuff. It will really start looking different tomorrow.

    The paint does have a slight cream tint --better than white but I felt like I was in a big sea if buttermilk!

  3. Our tub was the same way, I'm sure soaking amongst saw dust is just as lovely as bubbles, right?! The nerve of them to get our tubs so dirty. :) Our house was all locked up right after drywall was put up, so I haven't even driven by. I need to go peek in the windows again for an update.

  4. The pics look good the tub will be looking pretty clean and sparkling once everything is done! Our tub is dirty too :( but once the house is all done everything will be super clean. :) thank goodness for that.

  5. Yayyyy can't wait to see pics once they start putting all that up! Jus drove by mine yesterday. They were supposed to hand dry-wall and NOTHiNG! My plan must not like to work we have decided!