Sunday, June 5, 2011

Transformers----What a difference some trim makes!

It's funny because during this process things can go so slow because we are so anxious for things to happen.  At the same time, things move at the speed  of lightening and in a day you go from a sign to a hole, to some concrete, to a frame, and transformations happen so quickly. In a day the entire feel of our house was transformed!  We are just that much closer to the end which is really the beginning!  The trim added the special touch that reminded us why we fell in love with this model to begin with!  

Family Room
Dining Room

And those makeshift banisters--- Transformed!

Yes, this stair model comes with this house--lolol
While the house is being transformed from left to right....some things have stayed the same!

Yes that's a CHICKEN BONE.   I guess somebody's eating in the kitchen!!  That is just rediculuos!!  You won't believe the amount of discarded trash outside--- chiptloe bags, dressing packets, soda cans, Red Bull cans, you name it...they are eating it, drinking it...and throwing it on the ground!   Mama always told me NOT TO BE A LITTER BUG! They need to get it together out there....but inside our premises the BETTER GET IT TOGETHER seriously...a chicken bone???  And it must have been finger licking good because he knawed the gristle off of that bone.  WOW!

Well chat going to make me some chicken.


  1. The transformations look amazing. I would collect all the trash and plop it down on your sales reps or PMs desk...that is really uncalled for!!!

  2. I love these pics! I'm going to have to steal this idea! Just a heads up now! lol Everything looks great! Well, everything but the chicken leg. I see stuff like that and I start worrying about ants. lol Sorry your crew are a bit of slobs. =/ But the house looks so nice!! =) Lovin' the tray ceiling!

  3. Your house is looking better and better and wow I want a model in my house too! LOL. Seriously that chicken bone really got chewed right to the bone and must have been some good chicken. I cannot believe they do not clean up after themselves that just so wrong. How hard is it to throw something away in the TRASH????? Ugh, that just plain irritates me.

    Your house is just gorgeous by the way and the staircase railing is just WOW!!!! :)

  4. The house is coming together beautifully!

    You may want to talk to your PM about the tidiness of his crew. My PM tells us each time I talk with him that he requires a clean site. He said it is a part of their reputation to not only build a good quality home, but to also keep the work area clean and neat.

  5. OH and CONGRATS on starting your 30 day countdown tomorrow!

  6. YUCK!! It's one thing to see a random soda can sitting around, but actual foor strewn about is just gross. I agree, I would mention something to your PM! Your house looks fantastic though, love that ceiling!!

  7. Your dining room trim is to die for! Can we say jealous! We have broken ground and I am still trying to add on things! lol