Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Countdown to the Countdown

My first countdown was a stagnant 60 days..I was saying sixty days for at least 25 days.  Finally I was officially at 60. Ok 60 LONG days. Then I needed this thing to speed up to 45. 45 days is when it gets fast and real.  At 45, I would allow myself to put a countdown clock on my blog. SHOUT OUT TO NOEY for the new portrait countdown widget that fits better on my page.  The only thing that got me from 60-45 was blogger.com.  So, when I get to 45, I felt as far away from the end as I did at 60. Gee! I needed to just make it to 30.  Once I got to 30 it would be a piece of cake because then it would be only two paychecks away and you know how fast they fly by!  Now I'm at 24 and I'm counting down to 14. These countdowns within a countdown are my own little method of psyching myself out.  I wonder if this is how they "do time" in jail?? Not that I wonder enough to find out or anything!

They are coming along on schedule at the home site! Tee and I were very pleased at what we saw!  The walkway was paved and we walked right up to the front door which was LOCKED.  Say what? Who locked up without telling me first?  They know I come by a million times a day.  No worries, the garage was open.

Paca, Pueblo, and John were working it out on the stone out front!  Check out their pulley system...its more like a hand toss system. I see how the windows get broken!  I did ask them if they had chicken or Chipotle for lunch.

This week is the last of the rough trade....the electrical trim, HVAC returns, guardian, shelves, etc through Thursday and then Friday they begin on the floors...Woohoooo on my way to 20 on the countdown.


  1. 23 days whoo hoo! The days are going to fly by pretty quick. Your garage man it is GIGANTIC the roof looks a bit bigger than the house roof LOL. The house from outside looks great. When they work more on the inside of the house and the finishing touch then thats when start getting even more excited.

  2. Yeah Steph like a house in itself! Lol. And you are right...never knew and electrical socket or switch plate would get me so aroused. LOLOL

  3. Your house is so gorgeous!!! I love it! And where they throwing the stone??? 0.0 OMGosh!! Yup. I see how windows get broken!

    That garage is huge! WOW! Everything is so beautiful! Nice to see the work getting done!

    LMBO at the electrical socket comment!!

  4. OMG I need to stop reading your posts at work. I am sure my coworkers are wondering why I am laughing over here. It's so close now!! And I am stealing your countdown clock that you stole from Noey. :)

  5. LOL! Too funny lady @ asking about their lunch! 23 days...YAY! Trust and believe we all have our own countdown system. I look at the dates for things coming up like when the cable gets disconnected (Thurs) we'll be 6 days out. When my daughter gets back from Pittsburg we'll be 3 days out...etc LOL

  6. Lady your house is beautiful!!!! I LOVE the stone you picked!! Quite envious :) I bet your so excited!!!

  7. Hey Becky good to know I can deliver a work day giggle...anything to help the day pass!

    @ Min--no need to spell check...i know what you meant! I'm the typo queen so its all good!:-)

    @Noey this process brought a new found AMAZEMENT at the things that excite me. Lol. Who knew a a hole in the ground could be romantic. :-0 go figure--

    Hey there Nooby-- I'm just jealous all together that you LIVE IN FLORIDA!!!!!! and ORLANDO at that!