Monday, June 6, 2011

Ding Ding Ding, Formen on deck!

Well since lunch seems to be one of the most enjoyable times of the day for the Worker Bees and Assembly Ants, I decided to do a GO-IN during lunch time...looking real official too!

... Peep the hard hat!  And yes, I had on the wrong shoes but i made it through the gravel effortlessly.  I sent an email to our magnificent PM this morning praising the work that has been accomplished.  I also told him that not only are they working well but they were eating quite well also.  Then I attached a picture of the chicken bone.  When I walked up today there was no trash discarded on the ground outside the house.

So I proceeded in to look at the progress another day makes.


LOLOL no....he's not picking up any left over chicken bones, he is laying the tiles for the Master Bath.

And the tile in the hallway bath had pretty much been completed:

It may have been lunch time but these guys left no evidence of it on the inside! 

Just an aside....I was hanging out with the President last night. He went to see a play at Ford's Theatre with the VP. Can you see our motorcade behind me. Our car is under the white tent.  I actually decided not to ride with them because of all the fan fare. i don't like a big fuss. That's why I decided to just go for ice cream at my favorite place FROZEN YO instead. lololol!!! 


  1. lol I love your sense of humor!!

    House is looking good! Glad there is no more trash lying around!

    And man does that ice cream look good! (yogurt)

  2. oh...and I'm just lovin' the hat. Very stylish! I can see it as the next fall fashion! lol At least yours wasn't florescent orange! lol

  3. Thanks Noey! I see things are coming along for you too. i'm praying you get that great interest rate! That alone would be well worth the wait. Oh, and about the picture idea..have at it glad you like it.

    Its really something when you can look at the before-middle-end pics side by side to Really see the beauty of this process!

  4. That hard hat looks GOOD on you! I love the tile it really does look soooo nice. We have vinyl but the tile looks even better now I'm a tad jealous lol. Your house is gonn be beautiful.

    Glad there is no food or trash laying around. :)

  5. Looking good! the bath tile is very nice! Your chair rails look good as well.