Wednesday, June 29, 2011

You can ring my bell...but I won't hear it!

I would love for you to RING MY BELL--ding, dong, ding....or shout over the intercom; however, WE HAVE NO POWER! 

This lack of juice has left me joltless, jammed out, jittered down, just plain on blah and has led to a  pause to all things Ryan Homes lately.

A screeching halt!  That’s what it’s been like.  PEPCO was delayed in laying the electric; as a result….the sump pump can not operate….as a result…when it rains the basement is wet… a result…..they can not lay carpet… a result…they had to push the carpet install from two weeks ago to tomorrow!  PEPCO doesn't give us power until….TUESDAY.  AS A SUPER, SUCKY RESULT, our closing date is now on the July 18, 2011. That is 10 whole days later. I don't have 10 extra days in the patience box.  I only had enough for 85. I signed up for hip-hop dance, jazz dance, hand dance-lessons...anything to get my mind off of these extra 10 days.  Now, if I could spend it in ATLANTIS like someone else I know.......that would be a different story!  Gurrr *eyes rolling*   

So, I've finally pressed the reset button to my clock but it blows me every time I look at it!

Wellst on to Guardian,
They never cease to irritate me.  They installed the inputs for the dual room entertainment center in the wrong place. Well, no biggie people make mistakes and they agreed to fix theirs. This is what is was: The Blue Indicates where the input is currently and the red arrow indicates where the input should have been placed.

These fools moved the inputs where to the correct place and the used a cover plate to camouflage the hole.  Did he think that LALADY was going to miss that?  Didn't he remember that I was the one who contacted Corporate about getting the preferred customer discount that he said did not exist?  Ah Hullloooo---I DON’T THINK SOOO! "Mr. Guardian, I suggest you get your drywall repair kit and get to fixing." *snaps finger*  

Well while on my hiatus from all things RYAN, a few more things were able to get done…shutters/door painted.

Of course they made sure we had a mail box…..we may not have power yet but they want to be CERTAIN we have a way to get the BILL for that power once they turn it on!

Wood floors were installed and the toilets and plumbing fixtures too!

I'm glad to see the plastic on the toilets.  That plastic needs to STAY on until 6/18!  Those worker-bee's butts have NO business releasing their greedy selves inside our hose.... THAT'S WHERE WE DRAW THE LINE!  I mean Chipotle is known to run right through you but it better run right through them down the street to the JIFFY-JOHN!


  1. Oh no!!!! Come on Pepco, get it together! I am requesting more exterior pics...please! I want to see the shutters and door!!!!

    Sorry about the postponed closing, but the 18th falls on a Monday, so at least you will have a long weekend and the happy ending of getting the keys to your house!!!

  2. So sorry for the delay...glad the utilities shouldn't be a problem for us. Makes you wonder what they were thinking when they corrected the wiring error but just put a dummy plate over it...did they maybe leave the original wiring in there too and just ran a new line.

  3. So sorry for the delay! That sucks!! I have no patience either and this process is killing me! I hope they get moving! I want to see more pics too!

  4. @ISP I will try to look at it like that:-) I'll add an exterior picture tomorrow so you can see the shutters/door/ and driveway.

    @BD Nope. They moved everything but didn't want to repair the hole in the wall. Shame on them! lol.

  5. @mom i know your patience has been tested for sure. I'll post more pics manana! :-) How's Kody doing?

  6. Wow look how close you are, I know the delay has you so blown! I have been waiting for permits since the invention of the light bulb and my face is SO tight. I have been patiently waiting and praying but I am about to throw down some cat bones in a wicken circle to get it poppin in that county office. I mean what is taking the so freaking long gahhh O_o

  7. I can't believe PEPCO sucks so badly! And how much its screwed up the process. Unreal. You can reframe the issue though, because now you have 10 more days to pack, organize and throw things away, and 10 more days to try to sucker your friends into helping you move...