Tuesday, June 14, 2011

All Locked Up.

As I was pulling up this afternoon, Guardian was finishing up.  The technician was really nice explaining some of the features of what he had installed.  When he finished we left together and he said, " Let me lock this garage so nobody can get in here" I shook my head and said, "YES, please do" <--Wellst, that's what my mouth said but my mind was saying, nobody but US...so leave the garage door unlocked because I may want to come back. He kept fiddling with the door having technical difficulties.  i watched him in my rear view mirror as I drove off hoping that he was defeated by the door but he was not giving up without a fight.  Needless to say...he WON and I'm locked out!
Check out some of what they completed today:

Just waiting on shutters now

Central Vac Unit

Fireplace lights and one of the surround sound speakers

Our kitchen TV is going in this corner...Law & Order SVU baby!

My favorite gadget--the vac pan. No more dust pan.  I was no good at that anyway!


  1. LaLady I think you may be the first to get the central vac...congrats to you on that...personally I think it is sweet and I told my wife numerous times that if she wanted to get that then go for it...she declined each time saying it was too expensive...so I spent the money on other cool audio/video stuff, but I did promise to get my wife at least one more new vac so she doesn't have to lug our dyson up and down the stairs...now that I think about it I guess I am on the hook for 2 new vacs since we have 2 floors...hmmmm...I think she got me on that one.

  2. LOLOL Yeah she did! We've got three floors and two teenagers that act like its an act of congress just to pick up a broom. They will have NO excuse....well I am sure they will think of a few but none that I will accept! :-)

  3. Lady your house looks so pretty! I just love it! And I love SVU comment too! =)

    Congrats on the central vac! VERY nice! =)

    Everything looks like it's coming along great!

    BD: lol Yup...2 vacuums!

  4. Your house is looking GREAT!!! It is beautiful@ I cannot wait to see it when it is finished!

  5. The house looks amazing! I'm loving the central vac!