Monday, April 18, 2011

The Ten Commandments

Ok... I'm not gonna lie...when i drove past the hole and saw this, I thought perhaps in their digging, they came across the long lost 10 Commandments.  Do you know how rich I'd be if this really was the 10 Commandments? And, it's right around Easter too...I could make a killing.  There's more than 10 here so actually, i can make a few more rules up. I mean times have changed and I'm sure God would have a few more to add like:
Thou Shalt Not Raise The Cost of Gas Up
Thou Shalt Keepeth the Eyebrows that the Lord God has given thee
Thou Shalt Not Wear Open toed shoes an let the second and third toe draggeth the ground
I'm just saying...

Then I realized it was nothing biblical just the pieces of the maze to make the foundation.  Forgive me for being a bit delirious, staying at your parents can do that!  I've been praying for divine intervention!

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