Sunday, April 3, 2011

House for Rent...STILL

Woosi...What is up with the tenancy business??  I mean yes the market sucks, and yes everyone is looking for a renter but there is supposed to be ooh-gobs of people knocking down my door.  In the words of infamous Antoine Dodson, Hide ya kids, hide yo wife cause the few prospects we’ve had come through here have been CRAPPY!

The first person that looked at the property hyped me up because he sent me an email the same evening to say he wanted to rent the property. I sent the app and 4 days later I get an email saying, he and his wife found another location.  I wanted to cuss him out but I figured someone else may be a little more worthy of my choice words a little later on in this process.

Next prospect was a lady I'd been playing phone tag with who sounded so eager to have a tour. This heifer took me through all these scheduling changes just to send her children and grandchildren because she supposedly broke her knee.   Ok, so much for her. I was thinking that it’s all good because I had three more prospects for the weekend.  ALL NO SHOWS and NO CALLS.  WTH?

I got an email from a lady with a daughter who has 5 kids and a dog. o-O. Thankfully they found another place! This week a really nice lady came by. She asked if there were any other contracts on the property and requested an application. Good thing I wasn’t holding my breath.  Then, another two prospects made an appointment and didn’t show up for it.

What’s with the no shows? Gurrr. This is starting to really irritate me.  We subscribed to every online renting site there is and update Craig's List every three days. I made fliers in English and in Spanish and took them to the Home Depot to the Ese’s. I know there is a tenant somewhere that is dying to move into THIS house.  Just when I think there will be no more, this person will appear.  They will be perfect, and all will be well! This is what I keep telling myself as I clean up again.  I've never cleaned up this much in my life. 

Tonight I’ve come to this conclusion, MOVING FREAKING SUCKS and finding a tenant sucks even harder. 

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