Sunday, April 3, 2011

House Shopping in the Fast Lane

Feb 19, 2011. A sunny, breezy Saturday. For the past few months, Tee was becoming more adamant about a new house.  I was fine.  I really wasn't fine but the process just seemed so complicated that I really didn't want to deal with it. I woke this day deciding that I was going to be a team player and oblige someone else other than myself for a change. So, I researched all the new home sites in our area in our targeted price range. Then I mapped out our course for the day.  The secret is, I figured the sooner we went, the sooner we could get this over with and put this new house chatter to rest.

First stop- Cedar Chase. We enter the sales trailer and met the Rep.  A spunky fellow who kindly told us that the Savoy model would be our best bet in this community but the figures he spit out were not encouraging. There were no model homes in this community so it was quite difficult to make heads or tales from the floor plan. The Rep sends us to another Ryan Homes community in Clinton, MD to take a look at the Savoy Model. Oh and by the way, the homes just happened to be $30k less?  Well, let's just say my initial hesitation about this prospect starts to change into an eager anticipation of possibilities.

Next Stop...SAME DAY.  Simmons Ridge, Clinton MD. Savoy Model.  WOW, we really liked it. And the 30K price difference didn’t hurt either.  I looked at Tee, Tee looked at me, and with one look we communicated volumes.  Here we met a young sales rep that we really took to.  She had a sincere quality about her.  She told us about February's incentives and now I am starting to feel like we may be on to something. Then she recommends a larger house for us; the Victoria Falls.  We hadn't seen it but knew if we liked the Savoy, what wasn't to like about a larger version.  We only had one requirement...2 comparable size rooms for the girls.  Two competitive 15 year olds. CHECK-- it had that. If that wasn’t enough to tip the scale, we also received a stainless steel appliance upgrade.  Ok, I’m all in now!!!

From first stop, to next stop to now..NEXT STEP. The Rep did a cost estimate with us..something I thought would be boring but it was actually a lot of fun.  We were able to plug in all the options we wanted, our wish list so to speak, and the computer would spit out an overall cost.  It was like catalogue shopping just BLIND because we still hadn't seen the actual model. Needless to say, we scheduled a contract signing for Wednesday.

After leaving we were on a high, then scrrrr PAUSE...what the hell??  We moved from 0-100 in 4 hours. I mean we made damn near a lifetime decision in a half of a day.  As we pass the next stop on my house map we decide to check it out. Caruso homes Timberlake. We meet  a middle aged sales rep who's talking fast but I’m keeping up. She takes us to an inventory home..a Princeton. This home was really beautiful and already ready. Now we have what is called..... A TIZZY.

The Princeton in all its beauty, the 9ft ceilings, the 2 story family room, and the overlook into the family room, couldn’t compare to the fact that we were able to design our house from the ground up just the way we wanted it.  The TIZZY was gone. We knew we were on the right path.  TEAM VICTORIA FALLS!

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  1. Wow what can I say...we have almost the same story but we ended up buying at cedar chase. I have enjoyed ready everyone of your blog entries. Perhaps we will start one because this process is a roller coaster. Loving how you keep it real and trust that I will be keeping tabs on your process,