Thursday, April 28, 2011

I Hear A Symphony!

Today, I'm feeling sentimental because our new tenant OFFICIALLY took occupancy today.  We cleaned the heck out of Wyman Way. I don' t even think we lived in it that damn clean! New washer, dryer, dishwasher, toilets, carpet, doors, locks and all my flowers I planted last year are blossoming beautifully (compliments of the Census 2010 side hustle). Now -- this tenant BEST PAY HER RENT---- ON TIME!

In other news.  I have adjusted well to the couch/ love seat because it really isn't a full size couch which is part of the problem.  The cat and I have settled in to our new abode only because we both know how temporary and rent free it is.  What we HAVEN'T adjusted to, is the freaking symphony of birds that gather on the ledge every doggone morning at 5:55AM to tweet-a-lee tree top.  These ghetto ass hip-hop birds have now re-mixed their once serene hums into a aggressive battle song early in the damn morning that's tweeted in the key of the CHIPMONKS.  Can someone say IRRITATING... just wake me up by scratching a chalkboard why don’t ya??  Can we get some birds that have a little BASS in their tweets? Can we get a conductor bird that can get this ensemble together? I'm just saying....

How many more days until settlement???

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