Wednesday, April 13, 2011


I told Tee, I wasn’t going to go past Tall Woods Way until Friday but with what I went through last night, I just had to check things out to make sure they don’t have an idle moment, if not you may as well call me the moon walker, and every time I see a moon bounce I think I’ll cringe.....
I guess mom and pop felt for me when they saw the bed frame impression on my face yesterday morning so they searched high in low for a low-cost/no cost resolution.  From the dark whole of the dungeon otherwise known as the basement, out came AERO BED!  Dad raves about this option.  “Put this on top of the pull-out” he says.  “You’ll feel like you’re sleeping on a cloud”, he says.  More like I’m sleeping on the MOON…and freaking moon BOUNCE!!!! That’s exactly what it felt like!  I’m not a kid so I do not get a kick out of sleeping on a moon bounce!   I had to stay in the middle because if I leaned to one side, the other side would tilt up.  I lay in the middle like the human hotdog in an inflatable plastic bun.  I was all sandwiched in…it made me feel dirty like I was asleep with a blow-up doll. Ew!

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  1. Congrats! I am excited to watch your progress as well! Not too much fun living in the parents't wait to get into the Victoria falls!